Creative services for ambitious people.

At Storyhouse we help people turn their dreams and ideas into websites, brands and print products.

As an agency, our focus is on the people in the middle of it all. The ones daring to dream, doing the work, taking the risks, organising the meetings, making the decisions and grafting all the way to the finish line.

We are here to help them make a difference and make an impact.

How We Work

Our process is the backbone of our work. At the beginning of any project we are curious. We ask questions about what we are working on and who we are working with.

Then we set challenges. We test, make things, explore our assumptions and put some stuff on a screen to see how it looks, feels and responds in the real world.

Then we commit. We take all the learning and feedback from the experiments and create what is needed to make the project a success. We say yes to one path and walk it out.


Why We Work

We are big fans of clarity, and we believe in good creative work that is strong and simple.

It’s that Einstein quote, you know, the one we’re not even sure he said. This one...

‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.'

Complex is not our thing. It’s lazy. It is all of everything with no filter or structure. It’s the first draft with no edits, full of potential but definitely not there yet.

But simple? Simple is beautiful. What you need to know, what you need to see. No more, no less.

In a complicated world simple cuts through. That’s why we do the hard work of simple.

Strong as in tough, resilient.

Strong as in principled, full of character.

Strong as in durable, built to last.

Strong as in dependable, it will not let you down.

Strong as in secure, possessing an unshakable confidence.

We think the strength of a brand matters.

Work With Us

We are ready to help you with your brand, your website, your product, your marketing materials and anything else that will help you move forwards. Please get in touch

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